A trip to Rome is as much about lapping up the dolce vita lifestyle as gorging on art and culture. Idling around picturesque streets, whiling away hours at streetside cafes, people-watching on pretty piazzas – these are all an integral part of the Roman experience. We try to capture the essence of the whole experience into our installations.

The tempo rises as the heat of the day gives way to the evening cool and the fashionably dressed aperitivo (pre-dinner drinks) crowd descends on the city’s bars and cafes.

Restaurants and trattorias hum with activity and cheerful hordes mill around popular haunts before heading off to cocktail bars and late-night clubs.


Since we are committed to both our customers and our personal values, the demands of our customers such as responsibility, balance, cleanliness, punctuality, respect, teamwork, a high sense of commitment and perseverance that we It takes each day to be better.


Our mission as a Roman inspired hotel is to always provide the best service, with high quality standards and with a staff committed to the idea of providing our customers with a cozy and quiet environment. Since our guests are our main priority, we will work to satisfy the most demanding clients and ensure that their statistics are also an invitation to return.


To be recognized nationally and internationally for providing a unique service, based on personalized and professional attention, with quality standards and an infrastructure that calls for rest and enjoyment for clients and that keeps The Dark Heart of Rome’s spirit true: being a cozy place.